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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cheese's Classics Corner: Wario Land 3

One would think that after two of his own adventures, Wario would have enough treasure to afford all the fine wines, cruises, vacations, fancy jewelry, watches, fancy cars and sport utility vehicles, high-priced video games and gaming systems, mobiles phones, and cheap airline tickets a man would want, right?


Plot Stuff:
Fueled by his neverending greed (and garlic), Wario sets off on another adventure, this time, by way of biplane, as seen in the beginning cutscene, when you first boot up the game. Things seem to be going swimmingly, until the biplane's engine suddenly explodes, sending Wario careening down to the forest below. You are then shown the starting screen, composed of the logo, the New Game option, and the background shows smoke off in the distance, from the wreckage, formally known as Wario's plane.

Upon starting a new game, a cutscene starts, showing Wario falling into the aforementioned forest, relatively unharmed. Wario then assesses his surrounding and finds a nearby cave. Inside the cave lies a music box, pictured above on the cover art. Wario looks deeply into the music box, seeing if it could be worth something. But just as soon as he touches it, the music box starts to emanate a bright light and float up slowly. Wario, dumbfounded, then starts to glow himself, and is then turned into a ball of light and absorbed into the music box.

Seconds later, we see Wario unconscious on the floor of what appears to be a stage. A loud rumble awakens Wario, who is greeted with a mysterious, big-lipped figure in the background. The figure explains to Wario that he is the god of this music box and that a wicked being has sealed away his power and took over his world. To restore his power, he needs Wario to retrieve 5 special Music Boxes spread around the world to break the seal, and in exchange, he will let Wario be free from this world.

Gameplay Stuff:
Being a traditional Wario Land game, this is a 2D sidescrolling platformer. Your basic controls are the D-Pad for movement, A to jump and B for a Shoulder Ram, Wario's signature move, which propels him foreword, damaging enemies and destroying certain block in your way.

Stages consist of getting one of 4 colored keys, Gray, Green, Red and Blue, and finding its respective treasure chest, to find items that can either make certain stages appear, give Wario new moves or upgrade previous ones, make certain parts of stages accessible, or just look pretty.

Wario is completely invincible in this game, but along the way, Wario will come across multiple enemies whose attacks can make Wario's body change into weird forms. For example, a robot that can spray fire will make Wario run around uncontrollably with his butt on fire, then be completely engulfed in flames, before slowly being put out. Wario can put these changes to his advantage, however, by using them to break blocks that can only be broken by the element or item displayed on the block itself (like a Snowball Block can only be broken when Wario is covered in snow and is rolling down a hill) 

Boss fights in this game are spread throughout the levels themselves, instead of in their own stages, like other games. These boss fights require you to either attack the boss directly with your Shoulder Ram or other moves, throw something the boss drops or one of its allies right back at the boss, or attack something of importance to the boss to weaken it or outright defeat it.

Graphics Stuff:
oh god who honestly cares about this stuff on a Game Boy Color game. I'll at least say this: It isn't an eyesore, and that's the only thing that matters.

Sound/Music Stuff:
It's a GBC game, so the sounds will be all beep boops, but that doesn't mean they aren't good and don't work.

I guess you'll want some sort of final score here or something, so I'll just give a thumbs up or down on this stuff:

It's a platformer game, who gives a crap

Gameplay: THUMBS UP
Fun, somewhat challenging platforming + Wario's different modes, like Snowball Wario and Fire Wario + Quirky bosses = YES

Graphics: THUMBS UP
They work, and that's what counts 

Sound/Music: THUMBS UP
See above

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